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But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15

August 14, 2014
by The Wells Family


We are incredibly blessed to have Cora attending an amazing and unique Christian school where she will be in a traditional classroom for two full days each week and homeschooled the other three days a week. All of the homeschool material is school led , so our home days are an extension of what she is learning in class. What we love most is that this a school that doesn’t just focus on academics (which are excellent) but more importantly students are taught God’s Word and discipled by Christian teachers who love Jesus. While we want our children to be successful in life we want them to pursue a life of righteousness in Christ even more. Andy and I took notice of this school and how amazing their students were years ago before we even had our own kids. We always hoped that it would be something we could offer our children and by God’s amazing provision and a huge answer to prayer, Cora will be at Providence Community School this year!

Cora has been filled with both excitement and anxiety the past few days leading up to her first day. She would go from dancing around in her uniform to crying historically within  minutes. This week started with an orientation on Tuesday from 9-12. So this was her first taste of her classroom, teacher, and class mates. I was so impressed with their vision, purpose, and the way they do things that all I could do was praise God for providing a way for us to be at this school.

Here is Cora in her room for the first time at Orientation!

Cora Kindergarten


Cora Kindergarten-13

Cora Kindergarten-10

After the first day of Orientation we were sent home with all of our homeschool supplies and curriculum and given a few things to help us get in the routine for our homeschool days. We worked while Dean napped and Jack was able to join in as well. The day went well and were able to finish all of our work without much trouble since it was pretty light.  Here are a few shots of our first run through a homeschool day.



Here she is sleeping in her school uniform the night before her first full school day. She decided it would be one less thing for her to do in the morning considering big kids have to get up earlier than she would like.


I had to take a picture of the sneaky snail that hid in Cora’s lunch box for her first day of school. The sneaky snail is just a small toy, but throughout the summer it has become a pretty fun game around the house. We have been taking turns hiding the snail and seeing how long it takes to find him. He’s been popping up all over this summer. I laughed out loud one night when I was falling into bed and I saw that the kids had hid it under my pillow. I quickly moved it to Cora’s bed frame for a morning surprise and heard her laugh when she woke up. So, now you understand why I had to show that the sneaky snail  joined in the fun of Cora’s first day. I have a feeling this is going to be a family game for years to come.


Fianaly Cora’s first official day had arrived and again she was a ball of emotions. You can see her smiling in the pictures below,  but what you can’t see is her reaching for me and whining while being held by our old neighbor, Kelli Bennett. She was upset that I was leaving her in a school assembly with a ton of  kids. Apparently she warmed up to the idea pretty quickly and left with her class and a smile. she even had Daddy (who just works upstairs in the same building) stop in for lunch.

Cora Kindergarten-6

Cora Kindergarten-3

Cora Kindergarten-8-2


I spent the day watching the clock (which seems oddly slower than normal) and tried to keep busy while I waited for her 2:45 pick up.  Jack, Dean, and I ran to the store to find her a bigger back pack as the one she had was much too small once we saw how much material she’d be bringing back and forth from school.  We couldn’t wait to hear all about her day and surprise her with a family date to the local Frozen Yogurt shop.  She was all smiles and had even remembered some of the activities they did throughout the day to share with us. She was most excited to see some familiar faces like Mia, Becca, Miss Kelli,  and Rosie. She also remembered that Mrs. Carter had haven them all Hershy’s hug candies, among other goodies with puns, to tell the kids that they could ask for a “hug” at any time. Cora said she remembered that offer and asked Mrs. Carter for a hug. So sweet!

Cora Kindergarten-13-2 Cora Kindergarten-14Cora Kindergarten-17





August 9, 2014
by The Wells Family

Dean-a-saur is 5 months

Dean has continued to be an easy-going and content baby, despite our sometimes crazy schedule. We love how he goes with the flow all with a smile on his face. At his four month appointment he was still tipping the scale in the 90th percentile for both weight and height. We often get comments about how big he is, I like to think he’s just extra healthy.

Over the past month Dean has started sleeping from about 8 PM through 7 AM. A full nights sleep is priceless.  And about two weeks ago I dropped his dream feed that was at about 9:30 PM. So he sleeps solid and we rarely hear much from him in the night. There are occasionaly some disrupted nights that may be due to some pre-teething pain, we shall see. He is constantly trying to sit up which Andy says is the “eternal sit-up” because he loves being part of what everyone is doing, especially his big brother and sister. He thinks Cora and Jack are hilarious and it doesn’t take much of their effort to get him giggling. He especially likes when they jump up-and-down and fling their hair around. He also thinks he’s pretty funny as he sticks his tongue out and blows bubbles or pretends to cough to get people’s reaction. He enjoys time in his gumbo seat and has started learning the art of fussing when he wants a change of senery or just some extra Mommy.

He has also just discovered that he has knees!! I’ve caught him rocking back and forth on his knees a few times when he’s settling into a nap. I have no problem nudging his but down in hopes that we don’t see any crawling soon. Right now he is so easy, he rolls around a bit, but for the most part I know exactly where he is and I don’t have to corral him yet. I know that crawling means the whole house becomes his playground and everything needs to be baby proof.

Last week we took him along with Cora and Jack to the Word of Life Youth camp for a week. We weren’t able to cater to his schedule much and had him tagalong to make it down to the cafeteria for food or to the pool to swim and once again he was content and happy. He slept at night like a champ and never woke up once. It was great to have some extra family time with Andy instead of staying home while he was with the youth.

I just adore this little guy and thank the Lord everyday for the joy of being his Mommy!

Dean 5 monts-46 Dean 5 monts-55 Dean 5 monts-71

July 7, 2014
by The Wells Family

Our roly poly 4 month old

< I can't believe our tiny infant has turned into a roly-poly giggly little baby. He is full of smiles and excitement. It's easy to make him laugh and keep him happy. He is extremely content and easy-going. He's been rolling over from his belly to his back, grabbing things and pulling them to his mouth and chewing on his hands. He still has an 11:00 PM feeding and wakes about 5 AM for another feeding. He's up for the day about 730 and he's ready to play. He is such a joy and I am enjoying every minute watching him grow and explore his world.
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July 5, 2014
by The Wells Family

The 4th of July- all Merican

We also enjoyed the Foster's Anna Marie Island beach house along with some good friends for the 4th. This may have been my first beach 4th. As always, the 4th conjures up old memories of some of my favorite times as a kid sitting on the bank at Brower lake feeling the rumble of Grandpas fireworks being set off a few hundred yards from me. I'm especially missing Grandma and Grandpa today.
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June 25, 2014
by The Wells Family

Dean 3 1/2 months

Dean is such a happy little guy! He is full of excitement and his whole face grins when he gets someone’s attention. He also looks like he’s peddling a bike the way his legs
Get going when he’s really happy. He especially loves laying on his changing table, this seems to be where he does his best talking and giggling. He is almost always sucking on his hands or trying to chew on whatever is on his hands, including Cora’s hair. Cora arms Jack are still interested in him and often argue (a common sport between them these days) about who held him last or the longest. I’ve noticed That while Dean loves Jacks attention he’s never completely at ease when Jack is holding him. As gentle and sweet as Jack is, he’s a bit loud and excitable.

Deans biggest accomplishment is that he has rolled from his belly to his back about 6 times over the past week or so. As fun as he is I hate how fast he’s changing.




June 19, 2014
by The Wells Family

10 year Anniversary

Andy and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary on June 5, 2014. We would both agree that the past year and a half have by far the most challenging year and a half in our marriage. The past year brought a lot of change, transition, and uncertainty as we followed God’s leading out of the private business sector into church ministry. As hard and uncertain as this past year’s road has been, it has also been very fulfilling. We have seen God provide in amazing ways we had never before. And standing on the side, we can see how God’s plans worked together to care for us. We just finished a marriage study called the meaning of marriage by Tim Keller. The timing of this study was perfect as it reminded us of the mission of our marriage. Our marriage is to show the world a picture of how Christ loves the church and the a representation of the enduring redemptive power of the Gospel. We soaked in a fresh reminder of why we are doing this and felt renewed by the truth that marriage is a beautiful institution given, sustained, and led by God. It’s a beautiful journey that leads us to holiness. With this fresh reminder we took our anniversary as an opportunity to get away for a few days and a few nights. We ventured over to Clearwater beach and stayed in a nice hotel and enjoyed lots of relaxation, laughter, and food! One of the best part is that we had just won $90 from a couples challenge in our life group, so we had a very nice steak and lobster dinner as a treat from winning the challenge.
Even after an especially hard year, I can honestly say that we are still best friends who love spending time together and love each other well. We look forward to all that God has for us in the future.






June 19, 2014
by The Wells Family

Preacher Man

Andy was asked by our new senior pastor to preach the sermon for the Senior Day recognition. He had a few months to get ready and spent the few weeks leading up to it in serious seeking and studying. He was blessed with some men in the church that sat with him and offered him feedback and suggestions as he worked through the process if trying to discern God’s word and draw application from it. Not an easy task. We spent several late nights review his thoughts and hammering out what it was he felt God was leading him to say. After a few dress rehearsals in our family room the big day had arrived. June 1, 2014 Andy preacher his first church-wide sermon. And God was faithful once again to provide for the call! God gave him a calm heart and clear words. I was so proud I could have burst. He was in point, funny, passionate, challenging, and I have to add very handsome. No doubt, He has a gift of teaching!