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But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15

November 20, 2015
by The Wells Family
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School is back in session 2015

Last fall Providence’s principal mentioned that he may have a third grade position opening for the 2015 school year and that he wanted me to consider taking the job. I was thrilled as I had always seen myself working their along side my children, but until now it was never the right timing. So after a few meetings, lots of prayer and switching over to the newly opened first grade position I started teaching again!

Not only did God have his hand involved in providing me with a perfect part time job, but he had a hand in providing for my children to be at the school this year as well. Jack was going to be staying at the church’s preschool as it was much more financially doable for us and as the school year approached some friends of ours casually offered to pay for him to be at Providence. We humbly accepted and Jack was able to join the Providence Pre-k class. God also put it on a very special someone’s heart to cover all of Cora’s tutirion. How incredible is God and the work of His people! As always he provides for the call!


November 20, 2015
by The Wells Family
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Cabin, cousins and critters 

Every once in a while we get to spend some sweet time with the Koster crew and my parents. My kids adore their cousins and time at their house and up at the cabin. Here are a few captured moments from a few of our summer visits.


October 1, 2015
by The Wells Family
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So not only did we enjoy spending the last week celebrating our amazing husband and daddy’s35th birthday, but we also will be celebrating a new birthday this time of year.

Today on our way home from a typical Providence school day I shared with the kids that their friend Will Kriby accepted Jesus into his heart last night. After a few comments Jack started to cry and said, “Well I have wanted to do that too, but no one has let me.” There is some truth to this statement. Jack has asked to accept Jesus in his heart before, but he usually confused it with “baptizing Jesus” and we usually told him we thought he needed a little more time to understand the decision he wanted to make. So this evening we spent over an hour sitting on the couch together reading a few things from the Bible, asking Jack questions, and praying. Jack decided he did want to accept Jesus and we walked him through that the best we knew how. While he doesn’t have it all figured out just yet, he definitely has the faith like a child that Jesus talked about in the Gospel. We will celebrate October 1 as Jack’s spiritual birthday and pray that God continues to show Jack what it means to be “on his team.”

Somehow we managed to pull off an HGTV-style office makeover in three and half hours with about 10 students on a Friday night as a big Birthday surprise for Andy! 

October 1, 2015
by The Wells Family
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Fun in South Carolina

The Jordan family graciously invited us to join them for their family vacation in Oak Island, South Carolina this past June.   This was our second long road trip, we ventured to Georgia a few years ago, and this was a few additional hours. The kids were good sports about the long ride and we didn’t have any issues on the drive. I did my best to set them up for success with binders full of activities and fun. Once we arrived we were impressed with the huge vacation house that easily accommodated our group of 15. We spent the majority of our time camped out at the beach across the street. The beach there was different than what we are used to as it comes with huge crashing waves and a pretty good wind. It was beautiful! The week before we went to Oak Island it had made the news because of two shark bites so we were extra cautious and made sure the kids stayed knee deep unless they were with an adult. We usually ended up taking a break from the beach in the afternoons by heading to the vacation house’s pool where the kids could play freely and the adults could relax a little more. Aunt Laurie had a great idea of having the ladies and the guys compete in making dinner one night which turned into a serious competition. The guys ended up winning the judges vote on a few minor details, but overall I still think the girls had more to offer with our festive Mexican party. We really enjoyed getting away with the kids and enjoying the Jordan family as always. One of my favorite memories is sitting up late playing catch phrases until everyone’s stomach hurt from laughter.


August 10, 2015
by The Wells Family
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11 years later

After 11 years of marriage we returned to our honeymoon spot, but this time we were equipped with years of travel award points and did the Dominican Republic all-inclusive style!

After a tearful goodbye in the wee hours of the morning Andy and I finally started our long awaited anniversary trip. I had some serious Mommy guilt about leaving, especially my little Dean, but after walking around the postcard-worthy palm tree lined beach resort I wasn’t feel anything but relaxed. We spent our mornings SLEEPING (sigh), our days laying under the beach side tiki huts, our afternoons enjoying entertainment by the pools, and our evenings enjoying a huge variety of delicious food. We splurged on a spa massage for two that was complete with a pre-massage private pool and lounge area.  One afternoon, Andy nearly won the poolside gladiator compition as our new friends from PA chanted the Eagles fight song. We tried to enjoy all of the amenities of the resort by enjoying the pools, the free Hobie cat boat ride, the tennis courts, and we ate more than our fare share of the all-inclusive cuisine. We ventured out of the resort for a day of adventure . We took an easy hike to The Blue Hole where we swam in the spring fed lagoon water and then had a thrilling ride on a “top buggy” (dune buggy)  that led to the rustic coastline. It was a day of thrills! We also enjoyed one day at the resort where we enjoyed our own lagoon area along the lazy river without a care in the world. The trip was amazing and we had such a great time reconnecting without the sound of little kids and the everyday demands of life distracting us. The trip was all that we hoped and planned for. Our last lunch before we left the resort was at the beachside restaurant, The Barefoot Grill  where we obviously kicked our flip flops as we ate, later as we were sadly leaving the server shouted,  “Senior, your shoes.”  That about summed up how relaxed we were at the end of our wonderful trip. 


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May 31, 2015
by The Wells Family
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The End of an Era

Warning: Sappy content from a sentimental Momma.

  I just finished nursing Dean for the last time tonight.

He’s 5 days shy of 15 months and over the past several weeks I have been slowly weaning him and promoting more and more cow’s milk. I purposefully planned our much anticipated and much needed 11 year anniversary vacation to not only fall on our anniversary, but also to motivate myself to follow through on weaning him. It was time. And I’m leaving the country for 8 days. Ugh.

I have LOVED my sweet moments rocking, snuggling, and nursing that sweet boy. He is so healthy and strong and has been such a good nurser right from the start. All my babies were great nursers. There is just something so special about feeding and nourishing a sweet little baby and it has been one of my favorite things as a Momma. Weaning each of the kids was a sad moment for me, but Dean is most likely my last little babe and this is likely my last nursing. It’s crazy that half of the past 6 years, nursing has been a huge part of my life. Actually, my life has revolved around it. And just like that its over. All of those sleepless nights trying to keep a baby up to get a full nursing, all of those early mornings waking up slowly while rocking and cradling a little one in my arms, and all of those moments feeling so satisfied knowing that I was able to meet their most important need has come to an end.

As I have watched Dean turn into a toddler more and more I am constantly telling myself that instead of being sad that moments like these are over, I should be happy that it happened. And while I know that is what I “should” do, I can’t help but think that some of my favorite parts of being a Mommy are slipping through my fingers.

A very small part of me does think it sounds freeing to maybe head out to the back yard and burn my overused, seen-better-days nursing bra

May 15, 2015
by The Wells Family
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Sweet moments in May

May has been a great month for the Wells crew…

After years of talking and thinking about getting a little boat to enjoy a little bit of what Florida has to offer we finally made a move. Our little boat has been such a treat for us so far and we’ve yet to even do much in it. So far Andy has just been getting used to the logistics of a boat ramp and navigating around our river and it’s been a blast!  

        While we were splurging on a boat, I sorta-kinda insisted on having some sort of pool in order to survive the coming long hot summer days with 3 active kiddos. This too has been worth every penny of my Craigslist find and the kids have been in it twice a day on average. 

      Every once in a while we get to step outside of the demands of our crazy lives and share a few good stories, laughs, sometimes tears, a adult-only moments with some of our favorite people!! This past night out was a little over the top as we landed a beach house, The “Wee Cottage,” which was complete with a pool and jacuzzi and a grill. What a great night! 

  And no May is complete without a little extra love for Mama, right?! I had a great Mothers Day and the my kiddos worked hard on some sweet handmade gifts (my favorite) along with a great breakfast and lots of “Mommy time.” Cora even sang  to all the Moms with her choir at church. 


May 15, 2015
by The Wells Family
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Spring Camping Trip

This camping trip came at the perfect time. It fell right after a busy season in our lives and we were overdue for a weekend off. In true Vreman style, our sweet friends set us up for success by lending us their awesome camper and arranging all the details. We basically jumped in their SUV and showed up! They are so good to us!!

We loved exploring the trails at the Hillsborough State Park and especially loved getting into the level 1 rapids!! It was so pretty, it was hard to believe we were only an hour north of home. We also loved playing a few ruthless rounds of Bandits in the evenings and making our own version of S’mores.  Andy and I left the weekend feeling like we had caught our breath and regained some sanity.


May 15, 2015
by The Wells Family
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She is SIX


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Dear Cora,

You are such a joy and a sweet girl! This past year I have watched you grow and change into more and more of a young lady. This year has come with some big mile stones. You’ve started and are even close to finishing your kindergarten year, you learned how to READ,  you’ve branched out and made some new friends at Providence, you entered your art work into the 4H club art display, you have bravely participated in 2 choir performances, and…you finally got your ears pierced!! You just got your ears pierced the other day and it was such a sweet experience. I had hoped that by not getting your ears pierced when you were a baby it would give you the option, and hopefully give us a special time together. Thankfully, it did just that. As your birthday gift, I took you out for a special Mommy lunch date to Panera Bread (your eyes lit up right on cue when you saw the  displays of pastries and bread.) After your favorite lunch- a warm toasted bagel with melted delicious cream cheese we split a rich chocolate brownie and headed to the big mall. After our last failed attempt to pierce your ears I wasn’t sure how this would play out. But, you surprised me and went through with it. You did insist on holding my hand and we locked eyes for the big count down. Your eyes peeled open as the shock of pain hit, but within a few moments you were fine and never even shed a tear. You picked the “crystal fireball” eatings and they are beautiful. Afterwards we stopped so you could play on the indoor playground. As you played you ran over to me and gave me a big kiss for no real reason. It was such a sweet moment. Shortly after that I dropped you off to Molly’s house for your Spa day with her. It was a crazy feeling to have just seen you with earrings for the first time and then be leaving you somewhere that you really didn’t need me to stay. Sigh. As much as I could sit here and think about the time that’s past and how quickly it’s all going, I’m actually excited about the idea of getting to know you and enjoy you more than just always parenting and teaching. I’m excited for more lunch dates and girl talks, I pray that God allows us to have many years of that. I’m also excited to see what God has in store for you. He has gifted you with such an amazing, sometime complicated, very wise heart. You often amaze me when you share the things you are pondering in your little heart and you have some solid theology that I’d put up against most adults. And to no surprise, you still love to get lost in crafts, coloring, drawing and most type of art. You recently had $8 to spend (after parting with $1 for tithing and $1 for savings) and you wanted to go to Micheals Craft Store. This was your kind of toy store. You spend a considerable amount of time picking out different patterns of craft paper and poster board. As soon as you could you made your dear friend, Natalie, a poster declaring “I Love You.” How sweet! The funny thing is, it is still sitting in the garage and you’ve yet to actually give it to her. This is something we will inventively need to focus on, the whole idea of follow through. I have a hunch it’ll be something we talk about a lot. You are just too busy to slow down and always follow through with things.  Another great example of this would that when you were asked to clean your room recently I came in to find some interesting cleaning strategies. Instead of taking the time to put your under ware in the dresser drawer, you just halfheartedly stuffed them into your jewelry box.

I can’t wait to see all that God has planned for you and I’m so incredibly thankful to be part of your story!


May 15, 2015
by The Wells Family
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The postponed party 

After a few weeks of sharing a nasty virus we finally were able to celebrate the kids Birthdays with some friends and family!