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But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15

April 17, 2014
by The Wells Family

Cora is 5!

Coras 5-25

Coras 5-30

Coras 5-47

Coras 5-71

Coras 5-76

Coras 5-156

Coras 5-220Dear Cora,

There are so many things I adore about you and this stage you are in that I don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll start with the obvious things. I love your dimpled smile, which we’ve taught you is an extra special smile made by God. When you get excited, your face lights up and it makes my heart sigh. You are beautiful and I often tell you that in random moments because it always amazes me. I also love your enthusiasm.  Whatever you are excited about, you tell me about in a fast paced, some times unable to get it out, kind of rush of words. You also have a great imagination and can make up an entire pretend world. A special song for us has been “all I want is you, will you stay with me, take me by the hand and stand by my side” and whenever we hear it we stop what we are doing and dance!Your most favorite thing to do is art. YOU LOVE to color , create and draw and will spend most of your free play doing that. I think you may just have a special gift with art too, I can’t wait to see what God will do with it.

You also have continued to have a big heart full of compassion. You really care for people, even ones you don’t know. Along with your caring heart, and maybe the reason for it, you sincerely have grown to love Jesus. And on January 19th 2014 you sat in Daddy’s office with us and prayed to ask Jesus into your heart and promised to follow him all of your life. I cried happy happy tears and told you that I’d been praying for that moment since I first knew you were growing in my belly. This is the most important decision you will ever make. Daddy and I will always do whatever we can to teach you to follow Him.  I often hear you singing made-up worship songs that loosely resembler one you’ve heard before. You add your own words to them and sing them throughout the day. I love seeing God captivate your heart. Recently, you received some money and out of the blue you told me you were saving it for something special. You told me you were saving it to buy a Bible and give it someone who doesn’t have one.  Just last night we thought about sending it the Ms. Amanda’s kids in the orphanage in Tanzania.

Thankfully, you get dressed easier than you did a year or so ago and you have become less opinionated about your wardrobe. Which I should mention is ridiculously cute as it is still supplied by your generous Aunt Nancy (Fancy Aunt Nancy.) You do like to dress up and be “girlie” but you are ok with sneakers now too. You are very independent as far as taking care of your self, and learning to “have good responsibility.” We often encourage you to take care of your things, clean up after yourself and show love by being helpful around the house. This is sometimes a struggle as you don’t really like to take the time to do some of that. You often like to move from one thing to the next quickly. So quickly in fact that you are notorious for spilling, breaking, bumping, all kinds of things in your path. We give you lots of grace, but it does seem to be an issue, especially if there is a cup of liquid within 5 feet of you.

You are smart! Just know you pointed out an “antagonist” on the Wild Kratts show. You have done really well in pre-k over this past year and are sounding out words and adding all the time. You have started reading a few sight word books and are soaking up everything we say. You have a crazy good memory and I think you may be an auditorial learner like your Daddy.

I am excited to watch you blossom even more as you start your adventure if elementary school in the fall at providence Christian school. I am praying that our homeschool days are fun yet productive and your classroom days are social and challenging. You are a little worried about going into kindergarten as you’ve gotten a lot of warnings about the demands of it from your preschool teachers, but, I think you’ll love it and adjust well- as always!.

I love you! Momma

April 14, 2014
by The Wells Family

1 month

Dean is already a month old. Sigh. I’ve done my best to soak it all up and enjoy this newborn stage, but it’s still going too quickly. Dean is a great baby. He eats well, sleeps great, and has a pretty laid back personality. He has blended into our family and crazy life perfectly. I’m not sure if he’s blended in well because he’s so flexible and sweet or because he simply has to as he is the third child. Either way, I can’t stop talking about how blessed we are to have had 3 healthy, mellow, sweet babies.  I love to just stare at him and rub his little cheeks. I look forward to picking him up out of his crib to see his little legs curled up to his belly and to place him on my chest where I can feel him stretch and breath. I could hold him on my chest all day and I have given myself permission to do that more than I had with the other too for fear of spoiling them.

When people ask me about the transition from two to three little ones I share that this has been by far my easiest and most enjoyable transition. With Cora, it was easy since it was just her, but I didn’t trust myself and was really up tight about following the rules and doing everything just right to the point that I didn’t just enjoy her at times. With Jack, I had a 23 mo old running around completely regressed on potty training. I was cleaning up a lot of poop and dealing with an almost 2 yr old so enjoying Jack was a bit more challenging. And now, with an almost 3 year gap I have found that the other two are actually pretty helpful and can be independent when I need them to be. This has allowed me to really enjoy Dean, and I am much more laid back about the little things that once worried me.

One conversation our family has had a lot is about trying to pick “his song.” Cora and Jack have their own little song we made up for them and now Dean needs his own. I have stuck with “Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean, baby Dean, Come and take my hand. I’ll have your rock’n and a roll’n…” Cora and Andy aren’t crazy about my tune, but haven’t come up with anything better. Andy is trying to get a “Frozen” song to stick, but has yet to make that happen. I’ve also assigned “Cora had a little Dean, little Dean..” to Cora, but she isn’t sure of it.

Cora and Jack have been an amazing big brother and sister. They adore Dean and have been really sweet with him. I can prop both of them up with him and walk away with confidence that they know how to act with him. The biggest challenge is deciding who help him last and who held him the longest.

At one month Dean weighted in at 11 lbs 2 oz  and  22 1/2 inches- he’s even getting little chunky rolls on his legs already, yikes!

He eats every 3 hours and is typically up for about an hour and sleeps for about 2 hrs. I feed him at 11pm and he wakes me to eat about 3a.m. and is up for the day about 6:45.

Dean likes to eat and sleep. He also likes to take baths, face-to-face time with all of us, his pacifier, and soft sleepy music. If he is fussy he can be calmed pretty easily with lullabies or the “buzzer” (a small crib attachment that makes music and vibrations.)

Dean doesn’t like being hungry or overly tired and can easily throw himself into a fit if either of these two things go unattended. His fussiest time of day is in the early evening, around dinner. We have decided that is the perfect time to use the swing.





April 1, 2014
by The Wells Family

“I’m bigger now” -Jack

winter-spring 2014-885

winter-spring 2014-852

winter-spring 2014-827

winter-spring 2014-832

Jack is officially “bigger now” as he says in his adorable raspy little man voice that I can’t get enough of. HE’s 3!! How is this possible!?

Dear Jack,

You are at such a fun age right now. You are full of imagination and adventure. Lately, you have even created two imaginary friends. You have a named them Elbow And Chico. You know they are imaginary and you’re okay with that, but you often tell us about the fun you have with them. You love to play with your friends, especially Caroline and Matthew. You share well with your friends and have learned to use your words if something’s not going right. You also enjoying playing by yourself. Even when we were living at the Vreman’s house I could find you in a room by yourself playing with little “bad guy” action figures and making your own fun. Now that baby Dean is here, and you are home in the mornings with me, you often enjoy playing in the toy room by yourself while Cora is at school. Some of the other things you especially enjoy is shoes, breakfast (you usually eat 3 helpings,) the color blue, green beans, and your Da-Da. And your admiration for the the color blue has been heightened as we have been talking about your “Blue party” and your guest list is solely based on who is wearing blue at the moment. You’ve been known to ask us to show you our underware if we don’t have blue on to see if we can be admitted into your party. You were upset a few weeks ago (yes, weeks…thats how long you’ve been on the “Blue party” kick) that you didn’t have anything one that was blue and you couldn’t go to your own party. Cora told you that you had blue eyes and that counted as something blue, you had no idea that you had blue eyes and ran in the house to check in the mirror. You were thrilled to find you that your eyes were your favorite color.

I had the privilege of being your preschool teacher again this past year. You are very smart and catch more than I think you do. You were a little older than the other kids and could often answer most of my questions and stay on topic. You’ve learned a ton of letters and your own “hook” letter “J.”

Da-Da and I just love your sweet personality and your big heart. Whenever someone offers you something you are quick to ask if Cora can have one too. You love to help your friend Caroline when she is in need and you still give the best hugs. When you are feeling snuggly you often tell us “You my best Ma-Ma/ Da-Da” It is so sweet! Our biggest challenge with you right now is getting you to eat your food quickly as you are a SLOW eater, getting you to respond to instructions with out saying “Well I…” and getting you to fall asleep. You may be ready to give up your afternoon siesta, but with Baby Dean join the family I’m not ready to cross that bridge. I love that you two nap at the same time in the afternoon.

You love that you are “Bigger enough” now and just last weekend you were able to ride the “Grover Coaster.” Which was a big deal! When you were told that you were big enough for the bumper cars you hung your head and said, “I bigger, I bigger than Caroline.” Your heart was broken that someone didn’t believer you that you were in fact bigger now that you were three  and it broke our hearts to see you so sad about it.

My prayer for you is that you will follow your Da-Da’s footsteps and be a Godly leader in your home and in your life. I see you becoming the kind of kid that other kids want to be with, the kind of athlete that leads a team and a kind of friend that is caring. I pray that you know and love God from an early age and that you spend your life seeking Him and serving Him.

Jack, You my Best!

Love, Momma



March 25, 2014
by The Wells Family

Birthday fun at Busch Gatdens

This past Friday we took Cora and Jack to Busch Gardens for their fifth and third birthday celebration. We met the Koster family there and even dared to bring two and half week old baby Dean with us. The weather was great and the smiles were big, especially Jack. He had waited for the last several weeks to see if he would be big enough to go on the Grover coaster we even brought his cowboy boots just in case he needed a boost. He was big enough to get on the coaster and he rode it with his daddy. He seemed to really like it except for bumping his head on the seat as it came to a stop. Cora insisted on riding the bumper cars this time which she loves and we even made it to an ice skating show. Dean and I found shady benches around the park to keep him fed and he slept most the time. It was definitely a brave move for us to take him so young but I just want to miss out on the birthday fun. Having Hunter and Kinsey there with then made it all the more better. That night we went back to The Koster’s house and spent Saturday around their pool enjoying some quality down time.







March 19, 2014
by The Wells Family

Baby Sprinkle

My sweet friend, Tami, asked me if she could throw me a baby shower. My first response was that I have everything I need and I didn’t think it was necessary. But, Tami encouraged me to look at it as a celebration of one of God’s sweet blessings and I couldn’t turn that down. Tami threw me a beautiful “baby sprinkle” on February 8. The shower was complete with pintrest-y decorations, great friends, and lots of baby essential gifts. I felt so blessed and loved as I looked around at all the people that had come to help me celebrate once again. I was also grateful for all the diapers, baby wash, and personalized books to help us welcome our newest little one.

The highlight of the shower was when Tami opened us in a time of prayer and blessing by reading scripture and praying. Then one by one others joined in with scripture Tami had ready and prayer. I couldn’t have asked for a better moment. It was perfect to be sitting among some of the most Godly women I know being covered in prayer and washed with Truth.


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March 13, 2014
by The Wells Family

In My Happy place

This past week has been filled with simple house chores, quiet sleepy afternoons, and mornings on the floor playing with kiddos AND I’m fully embarrassing it, Guilt free!

Unlike my first experience as a new mom with Cora, I don’t feel the need to be “productive” or have “something to show for my day” (just yet.) And unlike having new born Jack, I don’t have a nearly 2 year old who is regressing on potty training and throwing tantrums. This time around I know how fast this stage will fly by and I’ve decided to soak up every minute.

The other day, I was nursing Dean and Jack completely got himself ready for a nap and went to his bed, looked at a few books and fell asleep. Wow, maybe having nearly 3 years between these boys isn’t all that bad. Then again today, he put himself down for a nap with no help from me.

Yesterday was gloomy and dark, so instead of fighting it I ran with it. When Cora got home from school we turned on a movie popped a bag of popcorn and all layed on the couch for over an hour in the middle of the day. This is not something I normally do well, relax when I could be productive. The best part was Cora and Jack taking turns holding their sleeping baby brother on their chest. It was a precious quiet rainy afternoon that I loved.






March 8, 2014
by The Wells Family

The things they say…

Our kids can be pretty entertaining, sweet, and full of surprises.  Here are some of the most memorable things they’ve said lately.


“You’re my Best __________ (MaMa, DaDa)”

(Looking through a stethoscope) “I see you, you my treasure.”

(After hearing something complicated explained) “Well, I’m little so I can’t know that.

“Good bye, HAVE FUN”

“She’s going to have mucher than me.”


Instead of Napkin she said “Mapkin”

(Showing me her $1) “Mom I’m saving this for something really special. I’m going to save this and buy someone a bible who doesn’t have one.”

March 7, 2014
by The Wells Family

Welcome Dean Donald Wells

At 3:28 pm on wednesday March 5th 2014 God gave us Dean Donald Wells.

Dean was given my Grandfather’s name as his middle name because my Grandfather passed away the day we first heard Dean’s heart beat back on July 12th. My Grandfather showed us all what it meant to live a life that served others and honored God. Now we pray that Dean will carry his “Grandpa Great’s” name on in the same way.

Welcome baby Dean we know that God has big plans for you!

Jack’s first glance at his little brother!

Cora was shy at first, but still couldn’t concel her smileuntitled-224-2

The Wells Family!untitled-228-2





All Cora has wanted to do since Dean arrived is hold him, she is just smitten with him and wants to be with him all the time. She was very excited after holding him for a while that he fell asleep in her arms. She whispered to Andy, “Daddy, I sang him a lullaby and put him to sleep.” untitled-253-2

The Koster’s and Deanuntitled-300-2


Aunt B! untitled-312-2




Here is Cora’s artwork from the past week ready to welcome our new brother or sister! Jack contributed too, he cut a piece of blue paper at the bottom. I also saved the “Blessings” banner from the Baby Sprinkle I was given almost a month ago.untitled-361-2


Jack is excited to have a little brother. He was quick to hold him and wants to share his toys with him. He’s especially excited to show Dean how to use the toy monkey he picked out as a gift for him. He has also declared that his small parrot toy “skully” will be Baby Deans. Jack likes to follow Cora’s example, as always, and tries to sing to Dean, his songs are usually made of one or two words on repeat for about 5 minutes. untitled-382-2

The kids and Grandma brought balloons and picked out their favorite outfits for Dean’s homecoming. Here we are brining him home!


Home sweet home with our newest gift of God! untitled-416-2



March 7, 2014
by The Wells Family

FINALLY off to the hospital!

After a lot of waiting we finally took our chances and headed to the hospital, almost out of pure desperation. I tracked contractions ALL Tuesday night, 11:30 through about 3 am and watched them grow stronger and closer together only to have them stop all together randomly. But I decided that since I hit the ideal 5 minutes apart and 1 min long we had earned the right to have the baby, even if the contractions stopped.

We got the the hospital about 4a.m. And prayer several times while lying in the dark triage room for 3 hours. We prayed that we could meet this baby TODAY, and be done with the waiting! When Dr Alverez came to work about 7:30 a.m he agreed to  start this process by admitting us to room 108 and breaking my water. This was the first of many detailed prayers for the day. (Answered prayer: we weren’t working with Dr Aponte)

Once we checked in the nurses wanted to start my IV, simple first step right? Well, this turned in to quiet the process since I’d already been up all night and was slightly dehydrated my gains were hard to find. The nurse doing the IV butchered my left hand and hit a few nerves too, then I started to feel flush and nearly passed out COLD before I was giving an oxygen mask. This is not the way to start labor! (answered prayer: IV finally in)

Then Dr Alverez broke my water at about 9 am and started me on low level of potosin. He also strongly urged me to get the epidermal as he predicted that this being my third pregnancy means this would all go quickly. And man was he right, all of a sudden the contractions were intense, but I decided to tough it out a little without the epidural. BAD CALL JODI! VERY BAD CALL! As things got more intense my kids and mom showed up, it was great to see them, but the excitement was short lived as I progressed into active labor.


I was quick to realize my foolishness and asked for the epidural, but the seemingly 5 hr wait (it was more like 45 min) was ROUGH. It was by far the most intense labor I’ve experienced with any of the three labors. It was so bad that breathing through them seemed impossible. It was pain like I’d never felt. AND, there was no traditional break of a contractions, they only resolved to mild and then grew intense, but they didn’t ever seem to come all the way down to a place where I could regain sanity. I was numb to the world around me. FINALLY, (answered prayer: as I thought I may have missed my chance now that I had the “urge to push”) Don came in and was ready to administer the epidural at about 10:45. The nurse had checked a bit before to see that I was at least 6 cm. While getting the epidural I had at least three contractions and because moving isn’t an option I had to focus on something to help me accomplish the impossible. So I imagine slicing, dicing, and stacking STRAWBERRY wedges. Weird right? I told you that at this point I’d lost my mind.


About 5 minutes after procedure was successful (answered payer) I could see straight again and was able to form complete sentences! Shortly after this I admitted that Dr Alvarez was right and I was wrong. He then checked my progress to declare I was 100% effaced and dilated ( answered prayer) although the baby was still a little high. I was told to let the baby “labor down” and wait. This is where things took a turn, I finally regained sanity and got great news that we’d likely have this any “before noon.” And yet now we were told to wait. With all of this excitement and momentum, I was disappointed,  I already paid my dues waiting with this one and I didn’t have much “wait”‘left in me.

We took this opportunity to get some much needed rest and sent the kids to lunch with Grandma and Grandpa. After an hour of less than great rest I started growing impatient and and was frustrated that it all moved so fast and yet here we were again, waiting. After my nurse requested a few practice pushes my nurse got Joann, the mid wife to come for the delivery. Ok, we made it… We’ll not really…After a few pushes Joann looked concerned and unenthusiastic, the baby’s heart beat wasn’t as strong as she’d like and she seemed worried. I was also trying to overcome odd sharp pains high in my abdomen where some of this baby was oddly still hanging out. This pain made rolling up into the pushing curled position even more difficult. Joann ultimately said she wasn’t comfortable with the baby’s heart and wanted to talk to Alvarez. What!?!? The next twenty minutes or so were long, tearful and I was done. I was emotionally and physically drained and weary. They reduced my epidural so I would start feeling more contractions. I literally was so down I doubted the reality of this all ending.



AT LAST, Dr Alverez walked in confidently and said, “let’s have this baby!” Praise God, a man with a mission that I could get on board with. He had me push, coached a few times, and maybe after 5 “all-out, you can do this Jodi, I don’t want a C-section, picture holding the baby in the nursery, I’m giving it my all” pushes he says “stop” and sets up his tools, the stirrups, and nurses take their place. Then I gave two more pushes and the baby literally popped out and it seems that the Dr had to catch it. This final success was because the baby finally turned his head straight. It turned out that the mid wife was concerned and suggested a C-section because the baby’s head was turn funny and prevented it from progressing correctly. (answered prayer)

At this point, I see parts of a blue-ish white baby just behind my feet and can hear Andy giggle as he stares over the bed at his new child…but what is it!! I COULDN’T see! So with every ounce if energy I pull my self up to see only to hear an abrupt “wow, don’t move, you’re still attached to the baby.” As my motion tugged the baby away from the Dr caring for him. FINALLY the nurse says “it’s a boy!” Then he’s laying in my chest and it’s over, finally over! ( answered prayer) We’ll, until 5 minutes later when I ask the nurse to take him and declare I’m going to puke.

Thank you Lord for answered prayer, big ones and small. You are faithful despite my lack of faith!