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But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15

Cora is 10 months!

(I took some pictures to share but have been unable to download them! I’ll get my tech support on it when he has a minute.)

Like all of my monthly postings I  am amazed at how fast she is growing and changing. I am grateful that while it is happening so fast Andy and I have made it a priority for me to be here with her and watch her transform.

Cora is funny and loves to make us laugh. She sucks her lips in and pops them out to make a kiss sound and waits for our smiles before doing it again. She also likes to pretend sneeze for a reaction. She still loves music and bounces and rocks back and forth to the beat. She is eating small pieces of fruit, cheese and crackers. We’ve tried giving her pasta and she’s not real sure about it yet. Cora melts us like butter when she smears our checks her wide mouthed “kisses.” She also gives hugs by squeezing her little arm around our necks and laying her head on our shoulder. Adorable. She has started giving hugs and kisses to her stuffed animals and dolls too. She also likes kissing other little kids and babies. She can be playing by another baby and without warning she’ll lean in and give them a kiss. Unfortunately, the other babies aren’t usually as excited about it as we are. We are working on getting Cora to stand by herself for a few seconds at a time and she has stood for about 10 seconds without help. The problem is she knows it’s easier to hold on to something and stand so she’s not sure why we are trying to make her life any more difficult.  I’m pretty sad at the realization that I need to start cutting back on nursing in able to wen her over the next few months. Nursing has been such a special time and I can’t imagine it not being a huge part of our day.

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  1. She is so sweet. Don’t forget how pitifully wonderful she is when she wants us to know that she is really sad and makes the “O” shape with her lips and crys. Gets me everytime.