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But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15


I’ve decided to focus on the first “twenty” party of my new age. There are no rules that state how loud or how quickly you need to say the rest of the age.

Our weekend started with Grandma taking Cora back to Brooksville (at this point Cora just seemed to have a low fever and cough.) Andy and I enjoyed a catered Christmas party at his bosses house, with mostly engaging adult conversation. Saturday was my actual birthday and it was perfectly overcast and kind of cold. We woke up slow and headed to my favorite hole-in-the-wall bakery for some delicious donuts. We took our treat to a book store where we sat and read a few magazines and looked for baby names, still not much luck with the boy names. After an afternoon nap we ventured to Brandon for the Cheescake Factory and a movie. We were surprised that just because we were done with our Christmas shopping weeks ago that the rest of the world was out shopping on this Saturday before Christmas, slackers. It took us AN HOUR to get off of 75 and into the restaurant….CRAZY! ¬†Andy gave me two different necklaces he found on, one is made of buttons and the other is a nest with two tiny eggs in it. So cute. Great job babe!

So while we were having a nice lazy weekend together Cora was off at Grandma’s coming down with what we now know was pneumonia. Poor poor thing. After having a family Christmas gathering at my brother’s and getting Cora back from Grandma on Sunday we took Cora home and ended up in the ER at 10pm. I’ve never seen her so out of it. She’s still pretty weak and understandably whinny. We can’t get her to eat much of anything and we are thrilled when she takes a sip of any liquid. I’m sad to say I resorted to giving her an Oreo tonight just to see her eat. We are anxiously awaiting the antibiotics to fully kick in so we can see a glimpse of our happy energetic little girl.

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  1. oh no about Cora! sorry to hear that, Jodi! happy late birthday…enjoy your last year in your 20s. TOTALLY impressed with Andy’s ETSY gifts. Maybe he could introduce my Ande to ETSY. :)
    thank you, by the way, for your sweet email to me. totally made me tear up!