The Wells Family

But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15

Big Sister Cora

Cora is absolutely thrilled about “Baby Jack.” She loves to be with him and the highlight of her day is holding him. She asks over and over, “Hold you baby?” A few nights ago she held him on her chest as she laid in bed listening to her bed time stories and she was beaming ear to ear as she made sure we saw how good she was doing. When we first brought Jack home from the hospital we placed his car seat down near Cora’s play area and she immediately started piling her toys on him in an effort to play with him. The cutest thing is that she was giving him tools from her tool box as if she knew he was a boy and he would want to play her tools more than her tea cups. She has also been very quick to try to soothe him when he is crying, she’ll mimic the motor sound we make with our lips and come get us if we don’t respond as quickly as she’d like. Cora has also been really interested in his feedings and usually brings her stool over to me to supervise the event. Our friends and family have been great about making this as much about her as the “new baby.” They have been showering her with gifts and congratulating her which has been a huge part in her being so excited about the whole thing. Below is a video from the first time she held him at the hospital.

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