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Cora’s Party

Despite an early morning run to the walk-in clinic for a case of pink eye, Cora had a blast celebrating her 2nd birthday! We rented a large pavilion at a beautiful park in Lakewood Ranch for Cora and her best buddy, Addy. Both the girls turned two in the same week and are the sweetest friends. Between the two groups of families and friends we had a great turn out. Cora loved seeing all of her favorite people together to celebrate with her. We had her favorite things from pizza to fruit and of course cake. She actually got tired opening gifts as there were so many fun toys and presents. Cora now has sun kissed checks from playing on the slides and a whole new bunch of toys in her play area. Thank you again to everyone who came to celebrate with us!! Andy and I are always touched by how great our community of friends and family are.

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For my own keepsake, at two Cora…
Doesn’t pronounce “r” or “k” yet (Good mining, Baby jat)
Picks up words after hearing them once
Is really cute when telling a story or long thought, lots of expressions and pauses between single words. (mommy…me….pool….me…under)

Cora’s run is adorable, her arms and legs flare out to the side
She is climbing everything!!!
She loves walking on curbs.
She’s not afraid of heights unfortunately
She is about 24lbs (20 th percentile)
She’s learning to take off her shirt and brush her teeth

She is really outgoing, shy when on the spot or at the library
Loves people
Very concerned for other little ones that are sad or hurt (baby walker)
Can get hyper or board and a little intense (clenched her teeth together)
She is independent and a leader when playing
Full of joy!!

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