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But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15

Celebrating Andy

Last week Andy turned 31! Crazy. I was excited to have an excuse to make a big deal about how much we love him. I started the week by giving him a count down of reminders in his lunch. On his birthday I decorated the house with streamers and birthday decor. We had a special breakfast and later surprised him with lunch at the office. That night I made his favorite meal, meat loaf and red velvet cake. Cora helped a little more than she needed to with the cake. The next day I gave him 3 envelopes with specific times writen on them that indicated when he could open them. Each envelope had a clue or an option for his Birthday date. We used a gift card I’d been holding onto since my Birthday to go to the movies (not the dollar theater) for the first time in years to see  Money Ball. Later we went out for appetizers at a fun outdoor restaurant on St. Armands Circle.

Andy got some Bonus Birthday the following week because his company paid for all the employees and their famlies to go to Busch Gardens for the day. Since Andy loves roller coaster, he loves Busch Gardens. We left our kids with my brother and spent the day running from one roller coaster to another. The park was pretty empty and we didn’t wait more than about 20 minutes for a ride. As part of Andy’s birthday gift I agreed to ride in the front row for almost all of the roller coasters. Now, I  like roller coasters, but I’m not a fan of feeling like I can’t breath due to the G -forces collapsing my lungs. The most intense one was the Shiekra, it includes a 200 foot climb, and stops for 4 seconds suspending it’s hostages at the top of a 90-degree DROP. Andy thought it was hilarious that I kept my eyes closed for this part. Our favorite part of the day was riding the train that goes throughout the park and the safari exhibit TWICE. Yup, we stayed on the train for two loops which allowed us each to take a nap as the cool wind blew and the sound of the train lulled us to sleep. Every once in a while we’d see some parents toting around strollers, diaper bags, and crying babies and we’d smile at each other enjoying our childless day at the amusement park.

Happy 31st Birthday Andy!


Cora kept saying, "Daddy, I want to eat your Birthday!" Notice the marks in the frosting made by Cora's little hands.

Happy BIrthday to you!!

Busch Gardens

For those of you that haven’t experienced the Shiekra, I found this video on youtube.


  1. happy birthday. i got clammy hands from just watching the video. haha

  2. That’s hilarious!

  3. happy b-day, Andy!
    Jodi, I almost had a PANIC attack on Manta at Seaworld on a kid-less date with Ande a couple weeks back. You ride it lying on your stomach. I like roller coasters too, but I am way too old for that. (I am 31 and a half!) Never again.