The Wells Family

But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15



Cora sat on Grandma’s lap and got her first hair cut last Thursday! (She’s eating a PB&J in the picture and that is jelly in on her cheek.) It’s a little anticlimactic that she’s getting her first hair cut at 2 1/2.

She has been absolutely hilarious lately. Just today she walked out of her room with her doll, “blue baby” in a Halloween monkey costume and tells me that she’s ready for the Halloween party at Addy’s house tomorrow. She also has been enjoying using her imagination more and more which lends itself to some great explanations. A few weeks ago she had a fit that I stepped on Hunter- the imaginary version of her big cousin apparently. She’s been singing “oh my darlin” or “wonder what you are” at the top of her lungs in place of her taking her much needed nap. It’s really cute. I also have noticed she rarely ends up in the same clothes that she starts the day in. Throughout the day she adds play jewelry, stickers, boots, and “heel shoes” to her ensemble. If she’s not putting things on, she’s taking things off and is usually half naked by lunch. I’ve gotten some great pictures I’ll be pulling out to embarrass her when she’s a moody teenager!

Jack too has been hilarious. He’s so goofy and snuggle I just want to freeze time and play with him all day. Here’s a video of him playing peek-a-boo with Andy at 6:30 in the morning.

Here is a video of him STANDING in his crib. Just a few days ago I walked in after his nap to find him beaming with pride at his new trick and now it’s all he wants to do. He’s only 7mo. this seems a little early. He’s apparently trying to figure out how to skip the few months of crawling and move right to pulling up on things, standing and walking. While he can “crawl” he still insists on straightening his legs and trying to figure out how to stand up. He looks like he’s doing the yoga “downward dog” position most of the time.

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