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But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15


My sweet sweet baby boy is one. This year went quickly and my memories of it are scattered with every emotion. I’m fighting the urge to be sappy about how quickly the time goes becuase I’m not sad that a year is over- instead I’m joyful for the time we’ve had. And I’m hopeful for more.

Jack’s smart and observent. He’s always watching and learning. Just today he was stretching his arms up for me to hold him and then after I picked him up he pointed me to the door and started trying to open it. I opened it for him and he pointed outside and said, “Ugh!!” He wanted to go outside.

Jack’s sweet and compassionate. He worries when Cora cries and waits quietly for someone to make it all better. He often grabs one of Cora’s baby dolls, upside down, and pats its back and rocks it. He also loves to bury his head in our necks and pat us on our backs.

Jack’s loud. He has a lot of babbling to do and he feels the need to do it at a volume that seems unnecessary to me.

Jack’s passionate. He doesn’t just kind of want a certain toy, or kind of want to be held, or kind of want Cora’s snack. He REALLY wants what he wants. I trust my sweet friend Amy Henderson’s advice on this, that sometimes the very characteristics that seems difficult for us to parent are the same ones that God will use to advance His Kingdom. I pray that Jack’s passion will make him a zealous follower of Christ.

Jack’s a boy. His days are filled with climbing, wrestling, grunting, and trying to figure our how something works. He also has a toy or two tucked up to his chest and treats it like hidden treasure. He loves music and likes to be-bop his head to the tune.  I am daily reminded of the scripture that says, “…haven’t you read, that at the beginning the Creator made them male and female.”

Jack is funny. He’s always looking for a reaction and if he can’t get one he’ll just start laughing until it catches on.

Jack is saying “ba” for ball, “Mama” “Da” for Dada, “ba” for bird, and “ugh” for everything else

Jack is still crawling, with a few steps here and there. He’s a good eater when he’s feeling good. He sleeps well, 8pm- 7:30 am, naps for about 1.5 in the morning and about 1.5 in the afternoon. He’s slowly weaning himself from nursing and has taken to cow’s milk from a sippy cup pretty effortlessly.

Jack has stolen my heart and every night after we rock for a bit and I pray for him I whisper  Cora’s first words for I love you… “A Lu”

















Dear Jack,

It is incredible to me that a year ago you just came into our lives. It seems like you’ve always been here. I have often described you as 110% in one direction or another. You are either all smiles and goofy or all tears and screaming. When we first met you we realized quickly that we were in new territory. God made you a boy and you are all boy. While you keep me on my toes you also bring me so much joy. Your smile is infectious and it is warming. You laugh easily and love to play. You most love to play with us on the floor, wrestling, tickling and rolling around. You like to ram into us with your head tucked down and giggle the whole time. You love to play with your football, or any ball. You love to climb and have really enjoyed scaling up your Kangaroo climber. If there is music on, anywhere, you break out with your too cute head bob and show us your moves. You get excited when  I sing Itsy Bitsy spider and put your hands over your head to join in.  You are my “snuggle bug” and you have a special place in your heart for your Mama. You like me and often prefer me, it’s kind of sweet. You are also pretty into your Daddy and when he gets home from work you do just about anything you can to get to him. I often pray for you at night as I’m rocking you into a sleepy slumber. I pray mostly that you will know God from an early age and that you will seek Him more than popularity, fame, success or your own dreams. I pray that you will be a leader, a leader who leads others to Christ. I believe you will be a trend setter and that you will be the guy that everyone wants to be around. I am blessed to be your mom and with God’s wisdom and direction I hope to teach you how to love,  how to work and play, how to obey and how to pray.

“A Lu” my J-Bird!

Love, Mommy


Dear Jack,

Hey buddy.  Congrats, you are one!  I can’t believe how fast it goes.  It seems like just yesterday that the only way I could get you to fall asleep that first night in the hospital was to take my shirt off and wrap you in it.  Maybe it was just really soft, but I like to think you needed my smell.  It also seems like just a blink or two ago that Jodi had to take you into our walk-in closet and shut the door so that your crazy screaming wouldn’t wake up your sister who was on the other end of the house.

Needless to say, you are a passionate boy who know what he wants… and what he doesn’t!  You are either a bundle of joy or a screaming terror.  There is no middle ground, and I can appreciate that.  If you are playing with a toy and it gets taken away from you – instant tears, if you are doing something that you need a stern “NO” for – waterworks, and worst of all… if you are up to something that gets you a little swat on the hand – watch out: lip curled under, and then the silent for about 5 seconds because you are crying so hard that you can’t make a sound.  Your Momma and I can already see you getting your heart broken by some cute little girl and going right back to that place were you got your toy taken away.

Wrestle time is my favorite with you.  We roll around on my bed I through you from side to side and you keep coming back for more.  We do this thing where we come at each putting our heads down as we crawl and try to get under the other.  I don’t really get it, but it makes us both laugh and that is the best part.

You are a sweet little snuggler and I love to put you to bed when I get the chance.  Now that you have been weened I get more opportunities.  As I rock with you in the glider giving you your bottle I often tell God how much I love you and that I am so thankful for you.  I pray that you will be a leader a for Christ.  Just the other night I was praying that God would use you and your passion in a major way for His glory.

I love you Jack.  I look forward to fishing outings, baseball practices, and teaching you everything I know.


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  1. Hope one day our boys can play! Happy birthday, jack!