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But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15

A moment worth remembering

While Andy was on his mission trip to Canada with our youth group at the beginning of July, Cora got a little out of her routine which resulted in a rather grumpy and challenging few days. so today While we were riding in the car on our way to the Holher’s house for a day on their lake I told Cora that she has been a lot fun the past few days. I told her that when she makes Good choices and has a happy heart we all have more fun. Then I say, when I’m on my mission trip in Africa next week that she should continue to behave this way for our family and friends that will be taking care of her. She replies, “we’ll when you’re gone I’ll be a little grumpy because your my favorite friend Mommy.” precious.

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  1. precious.
    i love those comments.
    make those hard days forgotten :)