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Our first trip to Disney

WE HAD A BLAST on our first family trip to Disney! In honor of Cora’s 4th Birthday our generous family sponsored a weekend at Disney and we are so grateful to all of you!!  Andy and I are laughing at ourselves a little because we “aren’t Disney people” and yet we both reluctantly agreed it was pretty magical.

Our top 10 Highlights:

10) Seeing Cora feel like the bell of the ball all weekend!

9) Reliving a childhood favorite of mine by touring the Swiss Family Robinson Tree house. I really wish I could live there. Cora loved it just as much as I did.

8) Watching Jack remind everyone who wished Cora a Happy Birthday (because of her Birthday Pin) that he also just had a Birthday and that he is TWO!!! ( Look closely at the picture below of Jack and Cora sitting with the Mermaid Princess Ariel, Jack is holding up his 2 fingers!)

7) Seeing Cora and Jack’s smiles beam as they met Mickey Mouse. Also known as “Ik-a-bouce” around here. Jack has also been fist-bumping the picture of him with Mickey on the fridge because they fist-bumped when they met.)

6) Enjoying a day “pool hoping” and watching our kids laugh as they ran through the splash park and played in the pools!

5) Watching Cora and Andy dance in the center of the Grand Floridian Hotel to the live Jazzy style band playing.

4) Walking on to several rides thanks to an overcast dark and threatening sky which was an advantage for those who braved the park in hopes of little rain. Our hopes were exceeded too as it only rained for 10 minutes and the threat of rain gave us a fairly empty park for the first 3 hours.

3) Seeing Cora’s face when she first saw Cinderella’s castle! (pictured below of her in stroller)

2) Enjoying our dinner with the cast of Cinderella at the Grand Floridian Hotel and watching Cora smile with a dreamy look as she met each character, especially Cinderella herself.

1) Watching Cora’s face light up with laughter as she spun us around and around on the spinning Tea Cups! (see picture below!)


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