The Wells Family

But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15

“I like Vreman H O U S E!”

Over the past few months Andy and I have been praying about and trying to buy a house. With all of our ducks in a row we thought this would be a fun, simple process. However, 4 offers later we’ve decided this is not simple and defiantly has not been fun. Apparently, we are trying to buy along with some HUGE hedge-fund investors with a few BILLION to spend in our area, so couple that with with good interest rates and a low housing inventory and we’ve been one of about a dozen offers on each house we attempted to buy. A few times we’ve been one of the highest offers, but beat out by cash offers each time. After a few months of this we were left with higher rent and discouragement. I prayed and prayed for God to provide as we did our best to follow Proverbs 3:5&6 which reminds us to “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all of your ways acknowledge (seeking) Him and HE WILL DIRECT YOUR PATH.” And as always God did just that. He directed our path to a family from our church, The Vremans started pursuing us and inviting us to live with them. They are a family of 7 that live on a few acres next to their brother and his family of 7 as well as the Grandparents who live on the next property which is on the river. The compound is crawling with kids, goats, a few calves, chickens, pools, a zip line, and lots of toys that go “vroom.” At first we declined, but slowly God showed us that this was indeed his answer for us at this time.  And the humbling idea of moving in with another family all of a sudden sounded like a fantastic opportunity.

We moved in late July and have  been settling in to our new place and adjusting to our new lives of roaming kids and lots of room to play. We have an apartment type area off of their house with plenty of our own living space, though we tend to keep the door between our area and their’s open as we have been enjoying the community of their family so much. We’ve enjoyed sharing dinners with them and I’ve especially gotten spoiled by the idea of having another mom around to help with the little things. Our kids are  loving having so many built in play mates. Cora is the same age as their youngest daughter Sarah and Jack is enjoying following around their 6 year old Nat and 9 year old Jack (a.k.a. Bigg’n Jack.) Each time we have returned from being out for a while Jack declares, “I LIKE VREMAND H O U S E…” as we pull back into their long driveway. Andy and I are now joking that what seemed like such a humbling undesirable move has become a bit of a vacation and we may never want to leave. In reality, we will continue to look for a home and hope that this is only about a 6 month stay, though we plan to enjoy each minute on this water front compound while we can.

Here we are about to take a canoe ride with the kids and attempt to fish on our first Saturday at the Vremens.
IMG_3561 IMG_3558

Here a picture of Andy mowing their large back yard on the riding mower and Cora taking her turn to drive the mower. Another toy of theirs we’ve enjoyed is their golf cart. All of the families out here have one and use it to get back and forth from each other’s houses. After dinner a few times we’ve used it to visit the goats and take a ride through the neighboring area that is a conference center/ camping resort.



Here is a picture of Kimberly, their oldest college student, setting up a large tarp in their back yard for a great slip and slide. 

This picture isn’t from the Vreman’s house, but it was from our Youth group Beach night this week and it was a perfect rainbow.


Lastly, here are some cute videos of Cora and Jack conquering the zip line at the Vremans!



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