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But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15


We are thrilled to share that God has blessed us…again. We are expecting baby #3 in late February/early March.

After a miscarriage in January earlier this year we were hesitant to get excited when we learned about this pregnancy at the end of June. After two negative pregnancy tests, I was confused to say the least because everything I knew was telling me otherwise. Finally, my third pregnancy test 5 days later reviled what I suspected. I shared the news with Andy one night after making the decision to move in with a family from church in order to save for a new home. I shared a letter with him and added one more toy horse to our growing collection. (*Andy used two toy horses to invite me to go horseback riding with him where he proposed to me. I kept the two horses and with each pregnancy I’ve added a horse to the group and gave them to him in different ways.)

Our first ultra sound was July 12th and I held my breath as I prayed for a healthy baby and prepared for a repeat of “I’m going to go get the doctor.” The ultra sound tech was quick to show us a healthy heartbeat and said everything looked normal. Ahhhh, “normal” music to my ears. I giggled and exhaled. In the midst of learning about this pregnancy my Grandpa fell in his driveway and had been in a coma in the hospital, on this same day of seeing our baby’s heart beat for the first time and celebrating this new life, my Grandpa went to be with the Lord and passed away. I love that God gave me something to celebrate in the midst of mourning.The next few weeks were really busy with packing up our house to move, family gatherings and a funeral for Grandpa, re-renting our rental, and the joys of first trimester reflux and exhaustion.

After one more “normal” ultra sound in August we decided it was time to let Cora and Jack in our big secret. We picked them up from the park where they had been playing with our sweet friend Molly. We first remedied Cora about the three answers God often gives us to prayer, “Yes, No, not now” and reminded her of how we had been praying as a family for a new baby. She nodded and understood, then we said, “For a while God seemed to be saying, Not right now, but now He has said YES to a special prayer.” Then we asked Cora to open the bible that she had brought with her the the park to discover the ultra sound picture we had placed in the front a few moments before. She knew what it was, but seemed a little confused. After it sunk in for a moment she started to get excited with us. Jack immediately decided that he too was pregnant and wanted us to talk to his belly. After we shared our news, we prayed and went for ice cream.

Here is the video of us telling Cora and Jack:

Here we are praying, thanking God for answering our prayer for another baby!



Here are some pictures taken a few weeks ago, we will be 18 weeks this week! Praise God!!

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