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But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15

The kiddos at 4 1/2 & 2 1/2

Cora at  4 1/2

  • Cora loves living here at the Vreman’s house because her days are filled with PLAY. She usually wonders around the compound with her side kicks Sarah, Kate and sometimes Jack.  If the weather is warm they will swim until they start growing fins.
  • Cora thinks that making jokes about eye balls is really funny and try our best to giggle along with her.
  • Cora is getting more open to the idea of  praying out loud and sharing her prayers with us. She has gone through a phase where she wasn’t big on the idea of praying out loud and would offer to pray in her head.
  • Cora is in Ms. Connie’s 4 year old class at Lakewood Ranch Baptist’s preschool and wishes the whole day could be nothing but craft time. She likes playing with Elise and loves being in charge!
  • Cora has thankfully outgrown her extreme options on her clothes and will usually get dressed without any fits about how something fits or if it is fancy enough. Whoa! I’m thankful we survived that.
  • Cora is getting  more independent and can get herself ready, get herself a drink, and for the most part take care of her basic needs on her own with a little guidnece (I’m hoping this is helpful when baby #3 comes along) If she was left all to herself, I don’t think she would ever brush her hair though.
  • Cora is very affectionate and seems to communicate love with kisses and hugs. She often will rub our arms or reach for our hands when we are sitting near each other. She is very affectionate with Jack as well. Just the other day she drew a picture of our friends and us from a weekend at the cabin and drew us all holding hands, she said we were holding hands “because we all love each other.”
  • Cora would much rather snack all day than eat real food. So meals, especially dinner, seem to be a challenge. If only I could get chicken to taste like Gold Fish.
  • Cora is growing a ton, she is thin and very coordinated. She loves going for a jog with her Daddy and can pick up on most games/ sports pretty quick. We are excited to see if she shows an interest in any sport soon.
  • The majority of the time she is eager to please, fun to chat with, and full of imagination. She is a delight!



Jack at 2 1/2

  • Jack is 2, so he is either full of giggles and adventure or he’s laying on the floor crying about something ridiculous. Oh the fun of two year olds.
  • Jack likes playing “mean guys” with little action figures or by dressing up as a super hero. He has also started enjoying playing with cars more and can get lost in a secret mission with some action figures and a quiet room. He also likes tagging around with all of the kids here on the compound. At times he can be found with Cora and the little girls and at other times you can find him with the 7 year old Nate and his friends.
  • Jack is still thin and we have to roll most of his pants down to keep them from slipping down his little frame. If you tell him he can’t do something because he’s not big enough, he’ll show you his muscles and say “I bigger!” He loves to run in his “fast shoes” and has an adorable little floppy run.
  • Jack’s laugh is contagious and fills your heart instantly with love. We can usually tickle him and get him laughing pretty hard without much effort.
  • Jack still likes to follow his big sister around and can usually be found doing whatever she’s doing.  Except Cora would rather play “Mommy” and Jack would rather play “Pirates.”
  • Jack has continued to be a snuggle bug and loves to be cuddled.
  • Jack is officially potty trained and in big boy under ware and has been since the begin of October. He loves feeling like a big boy in his big boy underwear. We are grateful to his little friend Caroline for really giving me the last push of motivation that he needed.
  • One of our favorite things about Jack at this age is his vocabulary and his speech. He speaks in full sentences and his words are each short, loud burst of excitement. Some note worthy phrases are, “Chi Morrow (try tomorrow),  Wa You (Love you),  while reading books he loves to say “Hims make good choice, Hims makes bad choice.” Just the other day he showed me a chicken sitting no the riding lawn mower seat and smiled saying, “Look Mommy, Hims can’t drive.” (see videos below of him talking)





Below, Jack is talking about our trip to Liki Tiki with my parents and the Kosters and for some reason he’s convinced that our weekend away promises lollipops.

Here is another video of Jack talking about the nursery rhyme we learned in school that day, Little Bo-peep.

Here is Cora sharing her latest bible verse, Proverbs 3:5 &6 “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, lean not on your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.”

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