The Wells Family

But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15

Highlights of the last week

Wow, so much to write, I want to remember everything and I know I can’t but everything is so precious. I want to “treasure” all these things in my heart like the bible says Mary did. Things to treasure:

  • Going to Java Juice at 9pm Monday in search of something light to eat and telling the young boy who was helping us that I didn’t want any energizers in mine as I was in labor. He responded with, “I… I don’t want to hear that.” and quickly handed us our smoothies.
  • Contractions started Monday afternoon and were finally 3 minutes apart and 60 seconds long by 1 am. We were put in a cold dark lonely room to be monitored where we stayed until 5:30 am. The contractions were hard, all I could do was breath and sing the ABCs. Andy was half asleep in the chair next to me and we were sooo tired.
  • Being ADMITTED to the hospital after almost being sent home at 5:30 am.
  • Getting an epidermal!!!!!
  • Seeing that Cora’s heartbeat was stable after a scary spike and a drop. Praise God!!
  • Our nurses Kelly, who reminded me of Brigit, and Andrea who was lots of fun.
  • Surviving birth and sharing it with my best friend/husband.
  • Getting to drink liquid after 15 hours of ICE CHIPS.
  • All of our visitors, seeing their pool of guesses, the giant welcome home Easter egg, birthday hats and good friends surrounding us.
  • LEAVING the hospital. We were so tired and out of our element that leaving felt so good. I loved feeling the wind and sun as we walked outside for the first time Thursday at noon. We had been in hospital since 2am Tuesday. 58 hours.
  • Sleeping in my bed and showering when we first got home. I don’t know if I’ve ever been that tired. The last night at the hospital we got about 2 hours of sleep. My mom made my favorite meal and it was practically gone after Andy and I ate like we hadn’t eating in days.
  • Feeding my daughter. She was filled with amnionic fluid at first and thought she was full so didn’t see the need in eating after her first successful attempt she pretty much stopped feeding-hence we stayed in the hospital an extra day to ensure that she passed that and started eating.
  • Gazing eye to eye with Cora throughout the day.
  • Having Cora calm down as soon as I hold her to my skin.
  • Getting cousin Sara’s voice mail about how special she thought Cora’s name was as it is our Great Aunts name.
  • Finally getting a “wet” diaper after 24hrs of none, and a late call to the pediatrician.
  • Feeding Cora ALL by my big-girl-self for all three night feedings. I didn’t even wake my mom up and Cora sleep as soon as I put her down after each feeding. How good is she!
  • Seeing Andy on the floor with Cora, staring at her and lost in the moment.
  • Giving Cora naked “sun” time in the window for her slightly yellow skin and watching her shoot poop about a foot across the room.  Andy was worried about the mess and I wouldn’t put down my crumbling chocolate covered strawberry to help, all mom and I could do was laugh historically.
  • Getting peed on by  Cora in the small window where I held her with no diaper. I was covered chest down within a split second.
  • Making Easter eggs as a family and putting Cora in an Easter basket filled with candy for a photo shoot.
  • How great our daughter is getting her schedule down.  She starts to stir around about 5 minutes before we are ready to wake her up to feed.
  • Cora.


  1. Congratulations….she is beautiful. I’m sure she’ll cooperate if you ever want to play catch phrase!!
    Jimmy, Heather, Reid and Lana Price

  2. We are all together at the Jordan’s for Easter – too much food but lots of family love!! Your pictures are fabulous and Cora is one of the cutest baby girls we have ever seen. The other cute girls in the family were LIndsay, Jessica, Vicki, Kelsey and Sammy. We will be so happy to see you hopefully around the middle of June – wish it could be sooner! Off to Colorado May 16-June 1. We will talk with you again soon. Hugs and kisses to Cora!!
    Gram & Cracker

  3. She really is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I love that you creeped out the JJ guy! :)
    There is really nothing like the intimacy of the sharing the birthing experience with your husband, is there??
    Write when you can. The memories get fuzzy fast. :)

  4. Can’t wait to meet Cora. Loved all your sweet moments… thanks for sharing!