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But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15

1 month

Dean is already a month old. Sigh. I’ve done my best to soak it all up and enjoy this newborn stage, but it’s still going too quickly. Dean is a great baby. He eats well, sleeps great, and has a pretty laid back personality. He has blended into our family and crazy life perfectly. I’m not sure if he’s blended in well because he’s so flexible and sweet or because he simply has to as he is the third child. Either way, I can’t stop talking about how blessed we are to have had 3 healthy, mellow, sweet babies.  I love to just stare at him and rub his little cheeks. I look forward to picking him up out of his crib to see his little legs curled up to his belly and to place him on my chest where I can feel him stretch and breath. I could hold him on my chest all day and I have given myself permission to do that more than I had with the other too for fear of spoiling them.

When people ask me about the transition from two to three little ones I share that this has been by far my easiest and most enjoyable transition. With Cora, it was easy since it was just her, but I didn’t trust myself and was really up tight about following the rules and doing everything just right to the point that I didn’t just enjoy her at times. With Jack, I had a 23 mo old running around completely regressed on potty training. I was cleaning up a lot of poop and dealing with an almost 2 yr old so enjoying Jack was a bit more challenging. And now, with an almost 3 year gap I have found that the other two are actually pretty helpful and can be independent when I need them to be. This has allowed me to really enjoy Dean, and I am much more laid back about the little things that once worried me.

One conversation our family has had a lot is about trying to pick “his song.” Cora and Jack have their own little song we made up for them and now Dean needs his own. I have stuck with “Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean, baby Dean, Come and take my hand. I’ll have your rock’n and a roll’n…” Cora and Andy aren’t crazy about my tune, but haven’t come up with anything better. Andy is trying to get a “Frozen” song to stick, but has yet to make that happen. I’ve also assigned “Cora had a little Dean, little Dean..” to Cora, but she isn’t sure of it.

Cora and Jack have been an amazing big brother and sister. They adore Dean and have been really sweet with him. I can prop both of them up with him and walk away with confidence that they know how to act with him. The biggest challenge is deciding who help him last and who held him the longest.

At one month Dean weighted in at 11 lbs 2 oz  and  22 1/2 inches- he’s even getting little chunky rolls on his legs already, yikes!

He eats every 3 hours and is typically up for about an hour and sleeps for about 2 hrs. I feed him at 11pm and he wakes me to eat about 3a.m. and is up for the day about 6:45.

Dean likes to eat and sleep. He also likes to take baths, face-to-face time with all of us, his pacifier, and soft sleepy music. If he is fussy he can be calmed pretty easily with lullabies or the “buzzer” (a small crib attachment that makes music and vibrations.)

Dean doesn’t like being hungry or overly tired and can easily throw himself into a fit if either of these two things go unattended. His fussiest time of day is in the early evening, around dinner. We have decided that is the perfect time to use the swing.





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