The Wells Family

But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15

November & 9 months

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Our little Dean is on the move and getting into all kinds of fun with his big sister and brother. He is full of smiles and adventure. He can usually be found with 2 things in tote, one for each hand. He prefers two of a kind, two toy cars, two markers, two link’n logs. And once he’s found his 2 things, he will keep them until they are pried out of his hands.

Dean’s first thanksgiving was eventful. Andy and I left for a WHOLE weekend to relax and enjoy a thanksgiving with our Life group while the kids stayed home with Molly and Cami. This was Dean’s first full weekend without us and I was sad to say good bye. But ready for a Mommy break. He did pretty well but ended up needing a few middle of the night snuggles since he seemed to be missing mommy. We even had a special visit from my long list college friend, Kim! We also headed down to Port Charlotte for Thanksgiving day at Dave’s house with the Wells family. Then we headed to the cabin the day after, to spend time with my family and enjoy the cabin. The kids all enjoyed uncle Ryan’s four wheelers, grandma’s new bow and arrow, and fireside Smore’s.





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