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But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15

Spring & Easter 2015

 This Spring season has been filled with homeschool days, parent pick up runs, nursing home visits, choir practice, a nasty virus that wiped out this Mama and kiddos, a spring performance (He is risen, He is risen, Oh happy day!) AND…. spring break-whahooo!!! 

Our spring break has been wonderful! We soaked up Some quiet afternoons, lots of sun, friends and good family time. The kids spent one quiet morning hunting for the sneaky candy thief who left clues to their missing candy stash. We also enjoyed the beach with lots of friends, a great family date to Texas Long Horns and of course Busch Gardens! We ended the week with a sleep over at the Kosters and a day on Uncle Ryan’s boat. We even got to meet, and more iportantly, integrate my cousin DJ’s and johnathon’s new girlfriends. 

We are currently on our way home from uncle Pete and aunt Sue’s house for Easter dinner and we are stuck in some sort of traffic jam for the past hour!!!!  (1 hr trip took 2 hrs!) We have resorted to playing the Grocery store game (a Wells classic) with the kids. It’s about 9:30 PM, that’s like 2am in kid world, and the kids are exhausted. during Cora’s turn, she said she bought “Ch R” and said it was two words. She also told us that she could not tell us the name of the store. SHe said the name of the store would giveaway that item. Andy and I did our best to keep guesing, but eventually insisted she had to tell us the store or get a different item from Publix. Out of nowhere this bubbly, chatty-Kathy Started crying a heartbreaking cry, saying that she does not know much about other stores, she only knows about art. She shared that she had not memorized everything at Publix grocery store. She finally shared that the Ch R item was the word “tractor” from the tractor supply store. And even that, she shared, was just because she had heard something about a tractor store but she really doesn’t know much about that either. As she continued the sweetest most pathetic cry,  she insisted that she doesn’t know much about anything other than art and had to play her game getting items at a craft store. I was almost in tears at this point myself laughing at the pure heartache and she was experiencing over this simple game. Meanwhile, exhausted  Jack has continued to play paying very little attention to the beginning sound that is supposed to be the main clue.  He repeat actively shouted out things like “licorice” or “ceral” Eve though the clue given was the letter “t”.  Andy was calm Cora down and get her to try again, shopping of course at The craft store. 







Easter at The Ranch! 


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