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But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15

She is SIX


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Dear Cora,

You are such a joy and a sweet girl! This past year I have watched you grow and change into more and more of a young lady. This year has come with some big mile stones. You’ve started and are even close to finishing your kindergarten year, you learned how to READ,  you’ve branched out and made some new friends at Providence, you entered your art work into the 4H club art display, you have bravely participated in 2 choir performances, and…you finally got your ears pierced!! You just got your ears pierced the other day and it was such a sweet experience. I had hoped that by not getting your ears pierced when you were a baby it would give you the option, and hopefully give us a special time together. Thankfully, it did just that. As your birthday gift, I took you out for a special Mommy lunch date to Panera Bread (your eyes lit up right on cue when you saw the  displays of pastries and bread.) After your favorite lunch- a warm toasted bagel with melted delicious cream cheese we split a rich chocolate brownie and headed to the big mall. After our last failed attempt to pierce your ears I wasn’t sure how this would play out. But, you surprised me and went through with it. You did insist on holding my hand and we locked eyes for the big count down. Your eyes peeled open as the shock of pain hit, but within a few moments you were fine and never even shed a tear. You picked the “crystal fireball” eatings and they are beautiful. Afterwards we stopped so you could play on the indoor playground. As you played you ran over to me and gave me a big kiss for no real reason. It was such a sweet moment. Shortly after that I dropped you off to Molly’s house for your Spa day with her. It was a crazy feeling to have just seen you with earrings for the first time and then be leaving you somewhere that you really didn’t need me to stay. Sigh. As much as I could sit here and think about the time that’s past and how quickly it’s all going, I’m actually excited about the idea of getting to know you and enjoy you more than just always parenting and teaching. I’m excited for more lunch dates and girl talks, I pray that God allows us to have many years of that. I’m also excited to see what God has in store for you. He has gifted you with such an amazing, sometime complicated, very wise heart. You often amaze me when you share the things you are pondering in your little heart and you have some solid theology that I’d put up against most adults. And to no surprise, you still love to get lost in crafts, coloring, drawing and most type of art. You recently had $8 to spend (after parting with $1 for tithing and $1 for savings) and you wanted to go to Micheals Craft Store. This was your kind of toy store. You spend a considerable amount of time picking out different patterns of craft paper and poster board. As soon as you could you made your dear friend, Natalie, a poster declaring “I Love You.” How sweet! The funny thing is, it is still sitting in the garage and you’ve yet to actually give it to her. This is something we will inventively need to focus on, the whole idea of follow through. I have a hunch it’ll be something we talk about a lot. You are just too busy to slow down and always follow through with things.  Another great example of this would that when you were asked to clean your room recently I came in to find some interesting cleaning strategies. Instead of taking the time to put your under ware in the dresser drawer, you just halfheartedly stuffed them into your jewelry box.

I can’t wait to see all that God has planned for you and I’m so incredibly thankful to be part of your story!


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