The Wells Family

But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15

Sweet moments in May

May has been a great month for the Wells crew…

After years of talking and thinking about getting a little boat to enjoy a little bit of what Florida has to offer we finally made a move. Our little boat has been such a treat for us so far and we’ve yet to even do much in it. So far Andy has just been getting used to the logistics of a boat ramp and navigating around our river and it’s been a blast!  

        While we were splurging on a boat, I sorta-kinda insisted on having some sort of pool in order to survive the coming long hot summer days with 3 active kiddos. This too has been worth every penny of my Craigslist find and the kids have been in it twice a day on average. 

      Every once in a while we get to step outside of the demands of our crazy lives and share a few good stories, laughs, sometimes tears, a adult-only moments with some of our favorite people!! This past night out was a little over the top as we landed a beach house, The “Wee Cottage,” which was complete with a pool and jacuzzi and a grill. What a great night! 

  And no May is complete without a little extra love for Mama, right?! I had a great Mothers Day and the my kiddos worked hard on some sweet handmade gifts (my favorite) along with a great breakfast and lots of “Mommy time.” Cora even sang  to all the Moms with her choir at church. 


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