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The End of an Era

Warning: Sappy content from a sentimental Momma.

  I just finished nursing Dean for the last time tonight.

He’s 5 days shy of 15 months and over the past several weeks I have been slowly weaning him and promoting more and more cow’s milk. I purposefully planned our much anticipated and much needed 11 year anniversary vacation to not only fall on our anniversary, but also to motivate myself to follow through on weaning him. It was time. And I’m leaving the country for 8 days. Ugh.

I have LOVED my sweet moments rocking, snuggling, and nursing that sweet boy. He is so healthy and strong and has been such a good nurser right from the start. All my babies were great nursers. There is just something so special about feeding and nourishing a sweet little baby and it has been one of my favorite things as a Momma. Weaning each of the kids was a sad moment for me, but Dean is most likely my last little babe and this is likely my last nursing. It’s crazy that half of the past 6 years, nursing has been a huge part of my life. Actually, my life has revolved around it. And just like that its over. All of those sleepless nights trying to keep a baby up to get a full nursing, all of those early mornings waking up slowly while rocking and cradling a little one in my arms, and all of those moments feeling so satisfied knowing that I was able to meet their most important need has come to an end.

As I have watched Dean turn into a toddler more and more I am constantly telling myself that instead of being sad that moments like these are over, I should be happy that it happened. And while I know that is what I “should” do, I can’t help but think that some of my favorite parts of being a Mommy are slipping through my fingers.

A very small part of me does think it sounds freeing to maybe head out to the back yard and burn my overused, seen-better-days nursing bra

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