The Wells Family

But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15

Fun in South Carolina

The Jordan family graciously invited us to join them for their family vacation in Oak Island, South Carolina this past June.   This was our second long road trip, we ventured to Georgia a few years ago, and this was a few additional hours. The kids were good sports about the long ride and we didn’t have any issues on the drive. I did my best to set them up for success with binders full of activities and fun. Once we arrived we were impressed with the huge vacation house that easily accommodated our group of 15. We spent the majority of our time camped out at the beach across the street. The beach there was different than what we are used to as it comes with huge crashing waves and a pretty good wind. It was beautiful! The week before we went to Oak Island it had made the news because of two shark bites so we were extra cautious and made sure the kids stayed knee deep unless they were with an adult. We usually ended up taking a break from the beach in the afternoons by heading to the vacation house’s pool where the kids could play freely and the adults could relax a little more. Aunt Laurie had a great idea of having the ladies and the guys compete in making dinner one night which turned into a serious competition. The guys ended up winning the judges vote on a few minor details, but overall I still think the girls had more to offer with our festive Mexican party. We really enjoyed getting away with the kids and enjoying the Jordan family as always. One of my favorite memories is sitting up late playing catch phrases until everyone’s stomach hurt from laughter.


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