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But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15

Cora’s Dedication


Okay, so this actually happened 2 weeks ago and I meant to sit down and write about it right away, however what I want to do and what actually happens seem to be getting farther and farther away from each other these days.

I want to start off by thanking God for our beautiful baby girl. Cora has been such a blessing to us and we are completely humbled that God has entrusted us with one of his own creations. The morning started off a little messy, but that is our life now! Ultimately we couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Our church is pretty casual, even for Florida! I typically were flip flops, shorts and depending on the day, either a polo or a t-shirt. However, my wife and I along with Cora were going to be on stage this day and from what Jodi tells me you can’t wear flip flops with kaki pants. The only brown shoes that I had the would work are a pair of Timberland boots that I have had since high school. I still think my flip flops would have been fine, but it all worked out.

The church has us meet in a secluded room before the service starts so they can go over names and how things are going to play out. It is at this point that things start to get messy. Cora was in her car seat and a ripe oder started to permeate from her direction. We had a few minutes before we had to head to the sanctuary so Jodi picked her up to change her only to find out that she had blown out of her diaper and the mess had gone up her back and onto her brand new dress that we bought just for this occasion. We used up nearly all the wipes we had to try to clean her up. Luckily we didn’t want the typical frilly white dress and went with a dark brown one with pink spots so you couldn’t really see anything, plus it was on the back. The one thing you could notice was the stench. And I am not using that word lightly, the girl stunk. One of the other moms had some mellon flavored hand sanitizer and was nice enough to let us use it. Instead of smelling just like poop she now smelled line a mellon flavored poop-sicle!

It was time for us to make our descent to the sanctuary. When we got there we waited back stage for Cora’s big moment. People are taking pictures and getting ready for the word to go and that is when Cora decides to give me a present of some warm chunky spit up down the front of her dress and all over my hand. Normally that stuff doesn’t bother me, but maybe it was the combo of the warm chucks and the smell of the melon poop-sicle that put me over the edge. Luckily I was able to compose myself, but I was pretty grossed out.

Finally it was time to dedicate Cora. Just a quick note for those of you who are not familiar with the term. There are many denominations within Christianity. One of the issues that separates denominations is baptism. Some feel that infant baptism is the correct way and others feel that baptism should be a decision that is made by a person after they have asked Jesus into their hearts. Being Baptists, Jodi and I agree with the latter. Since we don’t do infant baptism (christening) the dedication is a way to not only bring the child before family and the congregation, but more importantly the child is brought before God and at that time the families are dedicating to Him to raise the child to love Christ and follow Him.  Okay, so we were last in line of four other couples.  Pastor Tim and his wife Jennifer introduced each couple, the maternal and paternal grandparents, and most importantly the little one being dedicated.  When they introduced us Tim asked for any family that was there for us to stand up.  It was so humbling to see so many people in the crowd that love us and Cora stand up to support us.  He gave each parent a book to encourage us in our parenthood as well as a little bible for each child.  After Tim asked the congregation to take part in the raising of the children’s lives he closed in prayer.

We got some pictures with Tim and then we went into the sanctuary to find our family and enjoy the service.  Tim gave an awesome sermon about finding Christ and how there is no better time than the present.  He explained how we tend to put things off until tomorrow and how we always think we will get to things later.  His point was if that is our attitude tomorrow will never come.  He went on to say that everyone who was there at the service had a decision to make that day!  Very powerful and thought provoking.  We are blessed to have a pastor who is so excited about Christ and the impact He makes on people’s lives.

After the service we were hanging out in the lobby and as people started to leave we realized how many of our friends were also there to support us.  We are incredibly blessed by the friends that God has provided us.  It is so encouraging to know that they are there for us.

For lunch Jodi, Cora and I met our families at Chili’s.  We had a great time hanging out with everyone and are very grateful for all that could make it for Cora’s special day.  We truly felt loved.  Before the food got there I took a moment to thank everyone for coming and how excited I was to know that everyone at that table would play in intricate part in Cora’s life.  I later told Jodi how I kinda got choked up in the moment just thinking about how blessed we are.

So, that is it.  Cora has officially been dedicated to the Lord.  We pray continually for God to use her in a mighty way.  We are excited to see what He has planned.  What a beautiful God.

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  1. okay, this made Ande and I laugh out loud. good thing you went with the brown dress!!!! :)